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      upcoming releases: 
      [new cd 2008] "Casa dolce casa" (Freak Out!).
      [internet release] "Casa dolce casa EP" - (Ufolab).

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      This is a simple story about four boys who like music, funny & friendship After some good gigs in Italy, we published our first 45rpm called "Oste/Neve Calda" for DESTINATION X records (garage & psycho label). It’s included a coverversion of a classic of italian cult-band "Balletto di Bronzo". This 7inch had excellent reviews on the italian and international Press, especially in Progressive-zine. In 96 we released a CD-ep called "Ipnotica" for our label FREAK OUT! rec. recorded by Paul Chain. It contains 6track influenced by Seventies and italian Hard-Rock. Good reviews too...
      In 97 we changed our formation and released a new CD-full lenght called "Un po’ d’Amore" (Freak Out! rec.). With this album we moved in a different style-direction like Sensefield, Superchunk and especially to Indie rock. Our concert with the new line-up was with Motorpsycho, Promise Ring, Braid, B.Airlines, we also played in the most important italian Club and Festivals. Special guest on the tv show "Help" and TMM on Italian television. We have been invited to play 30 concerts in East-Europe after that our song "Isabella" was in the top10 warsavia radio.

      ps. we love Poland.

    > o s s e s s i o n e   i s :

      Luca Bartolucci - Drums
      Giuseppe Andreatini - Bass
      Gianluca Lari - Guitar, Vocals
      Alessandro Santagostino - Vocals, Guitar

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    > p r e s s :

      "Rock grintoso ed allo stesso tempo melodico, di sicuro impatto per genuinita' e vigore.Gli Ossessione dimostrano di avere in mano una direzione artistica che li portera' a ricoprire un ruolo di maggior peso nella scena italiana."   --Music Club

      "un rock ruvido e grintoso che esibisce, oltre all'incontestabile e rabbiosa esigenza di autoaffermazione, un'invidiabile sicurezza. Il suono e' potente e le composizioni quadrate (ma sempre aperte a piu' articolate disgressioni), devote riverberazioni di nuove energie."  --Mucchio Selvaggio #291

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    OSSESSIONE Casa dolce casa CD [Freak Out! 021]
    After our 1997 debut, we recorded a follow-up album two years later. Instead, we got tangled up in several problems, which would sideline the group for seven long years. In late 2007, we finally released our new album.
    SOUNDS:  download mp3
    OSSESSIONE split w/ Aidoru 7" [Freak Out! 016]
    Split single with two new powerful songs, "Ermafrodita" and "Vero e falso". A mix between Jimmy Eat World & Sunny Day Real Estate. In the other side there's debut of Aidoru, with two songs of melodic hardcore.
    SOUNDS:  download mp3
    OSSESSIONE Un po' d'Amore CD [Freak Out! 014]
    Simply shines. It was recorded in a week-end of November 97. Transcending categorization with an honest, emotional approach at melodic and powerful songwriting. Now more than ever thrown on dynamic, noisy & toneful fields.
    SOUNDS:  download mp3
    > o l d    r e l e a s e s :

      [cdep] "Ipnotica" (1996 - Freak Out!).
      [7inch] "Oste/Neve calda" (1993 - Destination X).
      [compilations] "Panic" on Tribute to the Smiths (2001 - Speedway).
      [compilations] "Ritorna a Rimini" on a FolksComp (1999 - Materiali musicali).
      [compilations] "Ypsilon" on Porci o Sottoporci (1992 - Freak Out!).


    Davide "Brace" - Tafuzzy

    Snah e Bent - Motorpsycho

    Stefano "Fofo" Girometti - Prima Linea